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UIC Rigo Padilla-Perez Undocumented Student Resource Center Heading link

UIC Rigo Padilla-Pérez Undocumented Student Resource Center Open house 2023

The UIC Rigo Padilla-Pérez Undocumented Student Resource Center seeks to create space for rest and resources for undocumented and mixed status students across campus.

“A space for us and by us. For peace of mind and planning initiatives that have us at the table. We are done taking anything less.” RPP

  1. UIC is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive environment for students of diverse backgrounds including undocumented students. We take seriously our public mission and land-grant commitment to not only expand educational pathways for undocumented students, but also to ensure that they have high-quality educational experiences.
  2. The Office of Diversity promotes greater awareness and understanding of undocumented students’ experiences (while maintaining the confidentiality of individuals) and develops campus responses and processes to address their needs related to academic success.
student smiles while looking at the sky

The Office of Diversity, upholds the mission and vision of UIC and its commitment to diversity.  We respect and value the different backgrounds of our diverse scholars and community. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) seeks to provide services to support each student to successfully matriculate to degree completion.

UIC has a range of resources where students can access professional academic counseling, student legal services, mental health support, and peer support.

UIC does not collect any information on a student’s DACA status and we will continue to protect all other confidential student and employee information to the fullest extent allowed by law. The UIC Police will not inquire about or detain community members based solely on immigration status.