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Scholarships/ Financial Aid

The road to higher education can be challenging, however, there are multiple scholarship opportunities that are now available to DACAmented and/or undocumented students.
This page was designed to provide a starting point in your search for scholarships available.

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Scholarships List

Below please find a comprehensive list of scholarships open to undocumented students. Note: this list is NOT exhaustive but it provides information on the most popular scholarships.

It is important that you go to their website to double check requirements and deadlines!
Scholarship Name AmountDeadlineAvailable only to UIC Students? Available to Graduate Students?
Fearless Undocumented Alliance Scholarship$1,000 - $2,00012/20/2018YESNO
LARES Scholarships VariesVariesYESNO
Alma Cruz Zamudio Empowerment ScholarshipVariesTBDYESYES
Anhelo Project, Dream Scholarship$2,00001/18/2019NOYES
TheDream.US National @ Opportunity ScholarshipsUp to $80k01/31/2019NONO
IL Association for College Admissions Counseling Scholarships $1,00002/05/2019NONO
Golden Apple Foundation ScholarshipUp to $23k03/01/2019NONO
Dreamers Unidos Scholarships (ENLACE)$500 or $1,00004/02/2019NONO
Guadalupe A. Reyes Fiesta Del Sol Scholarship$1,50004/13/2019NONO
Dreamers & Allies Run Scholarship$500 or $1,00004/14/2019NONO
Dennis De La Rosa Scholarship$3,00004/15/2019NONO
Dr. Angela Perez Miller Scholarship$2,00004/20/2019NONO
Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation Scholarship$5,00004/30/2019NONO
Peace and Education Coalition Scholarship$2,00005/05/2019NONO
CPS Dream Fund Scholarship$1,000 - $2,00006/01/2019NONO
Illinois Dream Fund Scholarships $2,000 - $6,00006/01/2019NOYES
City Colleges of Chicago Star Scholarship 3 yrs full tuition 08/23/2019NONO
IL Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation Scholarship$2,00009/28/2019NONO
Golden Door ScholarshipUp to full tuition10/26/2019NONO
Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. Scholarship (USHLI)$500 OR $1,00011/30/2019NONO
Illinois LAtino Council on Higher Education Scholarship$500TBDNONO
Hispanic Scholarship Fund $500 - $5,000TBD NO YES
Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship$24,00012/13/2018NOYES (DACA only)
The Center for Engaged Scholarship - Fellowship Program $25,00012/15/2018NOYES
Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans up to $45,00011/01/2018NOYES
Sierra Montana ScholarshipVaries12/31/2018NOYES
Van Doren Scholarship Fund$500Ongoing YESYES

UIC Scholarship Resources Heading link

More Resources Heading link

Tips when looking for scholarships Heading link

Unfortunately, undocumented students are not eligible to receive federal or state financial aid. However, there are other options to finance your education. We would like to offers some tips as you begin your search for these opportunities.
  • Research

    • Start Early! – You will have to do extra work to find money for college. Start early, and ask for help when you need it. You can ask your counselors, teachers, and people in your community.
    • Contact the financial aid offices of the schools you are interested in applying. Ask if there are any institutional aid available regardless of immigration status. If you are intending to attend UIC please contact Tanya Cabrera at 312.355.0011
    • Check for Deadlines! – Many financial aid opportunities have deadlines, make sure that once you have identified the scholarships you want to apply for that you have a calendar listing deadlines. It is advisable that you plan to have your submission ready at least a couple of days before submission in case there are any technical, physical or logistical difficulties that need to be addressed.
    • Know your community! There may be local funding opportunities to finance your education. Research/contact local community organizations, chambers of commerce, places of worship among others as they may have funds available for local residents.


  • Questions to Consider

    As you continue to do research consider the following questions to guide your journey through finding scholarships:

    • When researching colleges: Is there a point person that you can contact who focuses on undocumented student access to the institution? Are there undocumented lead student groups that you can contact?
    • When completing applications: Does the application ask for a social security number? Can an alternative number be used for students who do not have a social security number? Does the application require you to apply for FAFSA?
    • When considering majors: does the major require a background check? Is state licensure or certification feasible for undocumented students? Can you ask to sit in on of the classes for the program you are considering?

    If you have questions specific to undocumented student access at UIC please contact Tanya Cabrera at 312.355.0011